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About Us

SISTERS is a circus company founded in 2010 in sweden. The trio met on the double Chinese poles. They are three guys from three different nationalities, completely different shapes, bodies and minds, but with the same wish: to move together as one body. Sisters get inspired by different dance styles like street dance and contemporary, acrobatic moves and physical theater, which they use to fight gravity in unusual ways. Beside the double Chinese pole, they practice several other disciplines: Cyr wheel, slack rope, German wheel and dance acrobatics.
Explosion, contrasts, beats, action-reaction are some of the qualities that represent them.


The concept of Clockwork comes from Sisters obsession with perfecting the timing between their bodies. They need to depend on each other both physically and mentally when working, the same way a clock needs all its cogwheels to function. ”We are working on creating a universe where the human body can be lots of other things than just a human body. It is a complex dance between legs, arms, torsos and heads that creates the metamorphosis of going from three individuals to one being. Physical contact, human juggling and illusions are tools for us to surprise our audience and make them change their vision of the human body . ” They want to explore how three individuals can become one in the movements. In a search for perfected unison movements, how does individuality express itself? Being so strongly different individuals with very diverse backgrounds, can you manage perfected oneness and create a new common language? 

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Valia Beauvieux (France)
Mikkel Hobitz Filtenborg (Denmark)
Pablo Rada Moniz (Spain)

Light designer:

Bjørn Olav Hauknes (Norway)

Artistic Collaboration:

Dimitris Papaioannou (Greece)

Music and soundscapes:

Girwrgos Poulios (Greece)
Mikkel Hobitz Filtenborg

Costume design:

Nadia Leon (France)


Bjørn Olav Hauknes 

Producer :

Peggy Donck (France)


Le Manège de Reims-Scène National

Les Migrateurs
Associés pour les arts du cirque

Cirque Théâtre d’Elbeuf
Pôle Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Haute-Normandie


With the special support

Circus Next 2013 / Kulturrådet / La Central del Circ / Ville de Paris /
konstnärsnämnden / Sophie Hulténs Circus Grant / Cité du Cirque Marcel Marceau-Le mans /
La brêche / Centre des Arts du Cirque de Basse-Normandie / New Nordic Circus Network /
L’ateneu popular 9 Barris



Valia Beauvieux


Valia is born in Bretagne (France). With a childhood  marked by the excess of energy, he did his first step on stage as a dancer and quickly found that his body is what he use to share and express himself.  Started to practice different forms of acrobatics, he did his circus education in France and Sweden, developing dance and acrobatics into the circus disciplines, the Chinese pole and the Cyr wheel. Worried about the world around him, he try to develop himself through exposure of diverse cultures. The different influences that really affect his vision as performer, come from the various practices based on street. Capoeira, hip hop culture, music and new technology are elements of the creative world  he find his expression in.

Mikkel Hobitz Filtenborg


Mikkel is a tall, blond guy from Denmark. His circus disciplines are Chinese pole and slack rope. In his life, he was always attracted to live performances and the realness of the energy between audience and performer. He love circus because he find that it is a really good format for him to expand his creativity and there is good space to incorporate and experiment with the other interests and ideas such as roller skates and giraffes.

Pablo Rada Moniz


Pablo is a short, hairy and hyperactive guy from the Canary Islands (Spain), raised in a big family as the fifth of seven siblings. He liked beaches, the carnival and to be dress like a woman since his childhood. He grew up surfing and practicing many other sports like gymnastics, roller blading, biking and martial arts until the day that I fell in love with rock climbing. From that moment he decide to leave everything to hang from his hands on edges and cracks. He left the islands for the big continent to follow his biggest dream, to become a circus artist. He have been practicing circus for five years, the two first in Barcelona and afterwards in Stockholm, at the University of Dance and Circus (DOCH the University of Dance and Circus), specialized in Chinese pole, German wheel and acrobatics.

“The energy that they develop through their clearly collective work. It comes across to the audience that they enjoy working and being on stage together, and the honesty and sincerity invites the audience into the performance.” 

Circus Next Jury 2012

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Fly, fall, catch is an act representing three guys in the middle of a playground. Three different bodies and the complex game between them. Action-reaction, human juggling and their wish to fight gravity is what makes them play. Three moving as one. «OKAY!» is the signal that starts the chain reaction of complex acrobatics, which opens the experience of flying falling and catching with the audience. 

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“They focus on developing a language of movement relevant to their discipline. They play with their individuality as a collective showing high technical brilliance with very innovative and interesting aesthetics.”


Sophie Hulthéns Circus Grant 2012
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